Right Knee Injury

3 months ago i injured my right knee.I rushed to the emergency and the doctor took my X-Ray and said rest for three week. After 3 weeks doctor checked the dislocation in my knee and he said there is no such sign of dislocation and you have a little bit of swelling so rest for a month and if you will still feel pain we will do the MRI. My MRI done and the report says: 'Findings are of mild knee joint effusion,complete tear of anterior cruciate ligament and Grade 3 tear in anterior horn of lateral meniscus with Grade 2 tear in posterior horn of medial mensicus.Features represent post traumatic sequelae'. The doctor reffered me to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon thoroughly checked my knee and said that clinically you didnt have any severe problem so do physiotherapy for 1.5 months and if you dont feel any difference we will do surgery.So my question is that do i have and any other treatment option for this.


Israr Ahmad

Thanks for your question.
Your MRI report says it is ACl injury. All ACL injuries does not require surgery. It's not an emergency. Let the joint settle. Do Physio therapy. If still you have giving way or locking you will need ACL reconstruction. It also depends on your life style. Sedentary people can cope with out ACL.


I suggest you follow up with your surgeon or get a second opinion from
another orthopaedic surgeon.


no other optional.use physiotheraphy and wait


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Dear Sender
Thank you for your question. In order to prioritise the options, we need to make full clinical assessment in view of the clinical findings and/or symptoms. Not every ACL deficient knee requires surgery, however, it depends on individual patients’ demand. Kindly visit our clinic after booking an appointment at 042-32591427, 042-32591427, and then we may be able to discuss further options.