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My mother has a severe foot pain for last one year which is making it tough for her to walk. We visited doctors for the cure but the relief was temporary. She is about 54 years old and its getting tough for her to keep up with the pain. Any Suggestion or recommendations are highly appreciated (On Urgent Basis). Thanks


In which part of foot is pain. Heel, middle or finger parts.
When the pain starts and how relieved.
Weight and height of patient. ?


Start pain killers
Especially Nsaids
Get advice from physician for long term management and labs


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I need to know other features associated with pain, such as swelling, redness, movement problem etc. Some times foot pain may be due to Gout, specially in the toes (big toe).

For the time being use pain killers and consult a physician/orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Saeed Shekhani


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Get xray foot
Serum uric acid levels
Blood cp

Also need to know about pain region and time it get worse and how ,if, it get relieved.


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Dr Yasir Masood ,
Pain is in whole feet , from toe to middle part of feet , fingers are fine. Pain is extreme in afternoon and stays this way till evening. It is caused by work i do (walking, cooking etc). If i am taking rest i am fine


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Dr. M. Saeed Shekhani,
No there is no swelling or redness or movement problem. Pain is associated to her daily works. She needs complete rest if she wants the pain to vanish


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Dr. Naeem Ch,
Pain starts from heel to middle part. Fingers are fine. Pain starts in the morning after she wake up and take a walk and is relieved when she takes complete rest. Her Height is about 5.2 5.3 and weight is 82kg

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