Slip Disc And Disc Reduction


I need a proper chiropractor as I have slip disc L4L5 and disc Reduction in L5S1 for last five years and I am getting worse and worse day by day. Please provide me assistance.

Dr. Brig Sohail Muzammil Retd - Orthopedic Surgeon

MBBS, Diploma in Aerospace Medicine, FRCS, FCPS(Orth) | Lahore

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There are no chiropractors in Pakistan. In any case their theories are
unscientific. You need to see an orthopaedic or neuro surgeon.


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Dr. Sohail Muzammil - Orthopedic Surgeon :
Dear Sir, I met a chiropractor in Karachi and I am getting much better now not completely but better than before I am noticing an improvement. As far as their theories are concerned I have not found any theory from them like the theories which are taught to orthopedic or neuro surgeon, chiropractors are adjusting back bone practically and every single expert strictly advised me to avoid surgery because there is no guarantee even after spending 2 to 3 lac rupees.

1 year ago

Hira Idrees - Physiotherapist

DPT(Pak) | Lahore

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make appointmnt.
at 042-32591427, .
only physiotherapy can do wonders.
surgery is last opt.
dr hira


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Problem is that I have been taking physiotherapy for last 3 years and I am not getting well, On daily basis my physiotherapist comes at my home a make a lot of efforts but the pain remain intact. As far as my surgery is concern I am not going to avail this option because I have never seen any person recovered. Now tell me what to do.

2 years ago

Hira Idrees
Hira Idrees - Physiotherapist

DPT(Pak) | Lahore | Book Appointment

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r u sure he or she is really a physiotherapist ?? done *Dpt* ?? or a technician??
bcz previously only technicians were in pak..doctrate degree bht bad ma i ha.
plus i would recommend u to take second opinion frm another physio.
n yes surgery ma b kbi recommend nhi karun gin.
plus this condition should b treatd at clinic with modalities not only exercises.

2 years ago


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Dear ,

Some body call me yesterday and talked to me about my query I posted about
my slipped disc and reduction, she said that she would email me the
appropriate chiropractor in Karachi but I am still waiting for the email.
Awaiting for prompt response.

Prof. Dr. M A Wajid - Orthopedic Surgeon

FRCS(Tr & Orth) UK, MBBS | Lahore

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Dear Sender
Thank you for your query. In order to provide you appropriate and relevant advise, specific to your condition, we need to assess you clinical. For this kindly contact at 042-32591427, 042-32591427, .


James Rodriguez

Dr Bukhari is very good, contact me if you need more info

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