Baby Wants Mothers Feed Very Frequently

Baby is 1 month old now. I'm just concerned that she has started crying lately a lot now and always looking for mother's feed. Moreover, she has irregular routine. Just wanted to know if this is something normal?


Please check whether mother feed is sufficient to satisfy the baby?


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Thanks Dr Azhar. But how to check whether mother's feed is sufficient for the baby?

1 year ago


Syed Ali Shazif Baqari

it is normal, nothing to worry.


MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics) | Lahore

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Give feed to baby every 2 to 3 hourly . Then do proper burp to baby. It will solve the problem. Nothing to worry about.


Babies can be fed on demand. Anytime between 2 and 3 hrs is okay. 8-10 feeds (more at night) with 5-6 wet pampers per day is usual urine output, if feeds are sufficient. Gradual weight gain is confirmatory. Crying can be due to various reasons and doesn't always mean that baby is hungry. If you can get to a child specialist, see him for further evaluation , reassurance and medical advice.