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Me baby will be 8 weeks old on this coming Monday inshallah and he weighs 4.7 kgs, is it okay for his age? He sleeps for more than 6 hours at a stretch at night and doesn't wake up for feeding for a good 8 hours.. is it normal? Should I let him sleep or wake him up after 6 hours? He used to wake up for feeding himself when he was 6 weeks.. pediatrician or child specialist, please respond


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what was his birth weight? I am assuming he was born big.

His current weight looks very good at 2 months of age.

Although he sleeps for 6-8 hours at night it seems he is feeding well during the day.

If he is gaining weight then let him feed on demand rather than waking him for feeding.


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His birth weight was 3.1 kgs Mashaallah
And he was 3.8 kgs at 4 weeks alhamdulillah..
How much should he gain at 12 weeks? Because that's when we're supposed to take him for his vaccines and will.. have him weigh

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Babies this age usually stay awake at night and take feeds every 3-4 hrs . It is okay if it is otherwise. Monitor weight every month . Keep on milk feeds till baby is 6 months and follow vaccination schedule with your pediatrician. God created diversity, and thats reassuring.