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I want to ask what veggies and fruits I can give to my 7th month baby,and in what form , I mean cooked and pureed form, m already giving her apple and banana,( what other fruits and veggies can be given, like mango is in, can i give )but no veggies uptil now,also I want to know in one day how many times this solid or semi solid food can be given to baby along with bf, I gave formula milk just one time in a day , thanks , kindly reply


MBBS , MCPS (Peads) | Karachi

We usually start weaning after 6 months of age..
And add 1 thing every week..
Like week 1 banana
Week 2 boiled potato
Week 3 boiled egg..
Child usually not take anything initially but start eating after sometime when taste develop.. so encourag ur child to eat and if he is not eating anything don't drop it too quickly from his diet..


MBBS , MCPS (Peads) | Karachi

U can give him anything in semi solid form.. each and every fruit including mangoes also..


About 5 small portions in between milk intake should suffice. 

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