Don't Have Breakfast

My daughter is 3.5 years old. Her weight is 15 kg. But every time i go for a dr., He prescribed her polymalt. She have antibiotics every 2 months almost becz of congestion and tonsils problems. She don't have breakfast, not even proper brunch in school. Don't understand what her problem is with food. Everytime i hav to get angry on her then she take lunch n dinner. Kindly suggest something except antibiotics and syrups plz.


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her wright appears normal for her age.

if she is drinking excessive milk or juices, cut it down.

just give her one bottle of milk at night.

please do not force feed her.Get her CBC, Serum Ferritin, Vitamin D level and Thyroid function tests.


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Her weight is normal according to age. nothing to worry about. cut down milk if u give it more.

have u did any blood reports of her? if u have kindly post it.