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my daughter is 1 month old she got flu (some mucus and coughing) weither i should consult a doctor for medicine or have some home remedy to cure kindly suggest me


norsaline drops 2-4 drops both sides of nose 1-2 hourly
nebulize with atem 1ml + 2ml normal saline 8 hourly


For cough u can also give syrup coferb 2.5ml three times daily for 10 days


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can i also use vicks for chest rubbing
does it will be benefical?

1 year ago

Dr. Shoaib Saleem

In this age group viral infections are most common so no need for medications.....
Just use norsaline nasal drops 3 drops in nose three times daily and nebulize with normal saline 2.5ml twice daily for 3-5 days... Improve hygiene of baby

1 year ago


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Thank you for asking. It is unlikely flu but simple upper respiratory infection. If your daughter does not have fever, is feeding well and breathing well then you do not need any medication for her. Simply use saline water drops to clear her nose but do not push saline in to nose, just the drops and clean what is coming out of nose with a wet wipe. Do not rub nose with dry tissues as this may cause abrasion of nose. Use petroleum jelly to keep skin moist. The symptoms should improve in three days. If not getting better or any additional symptoms develop as discussed above, then contact your doctor.


Pl do not use any cough Syrup for this young baby. If no fever and feeding well you can wait and watch. If in doubt see a doctor ( you don't loose anything ).



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Salinase nasal drops as per nasal blockade


Please try to get consultation from doctor, one month old baby should get treatment after good exaination. Meanwhile steam inhalation and panadol drops (half droper).


Salam You need to keep her cover (protect her from direct exposure of cold)
and expose her to sunlight for at least 20mins and give her steaming twice
a day

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