Medicine Safe For Breastfeeding?


I'm taking novoteph 20mg, ulsanic, and mucaine for stomach and efexiv, bonjour, setril for depression and anxiety. I want to ask are these safe to take together? And my 15 months old babyis still breastfed. Is any of these harmful for her?

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Dr. Habib Ullah


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Dr. Intisar Ulhaq - Pediatrician

MBBS, FRCPCH(UK), MRCPCH(UK), MRCP(Ireland), CCT Paediatrics(UK) | Islamabad

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most of the medicines you have mentioned are pretty safe during breast feeding.

However if the baby appears excessively sleepy or not feeding then you may need to see the doctor to reduce the dose or change to another medicine.


Setril is sleeping pill... You can use in breast feeding bcz very little about its secreted in breast milk but still if baby looks lethargic or any feeding abnormality than discontinue and visit your doctor.... Other wise these are relatively safe


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Thank you doctors. I was more worried about the antidepressant efexiv. Guess I should just look for signs in her.

Dr. Muhammad Asif Qureshi - Pediatrician

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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taper off your medicine. the amount you are taking may not be beneficial
for you and baby


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Efexiv 37.5 mg
Setril 0.5 mg
Bonjour 0.5 mg
Is it too much?

1 year ago

Dr. Abid Quddus Qazi - Pediatric Surgeon

FRCS, FCPS (Paediatric Surgery), Fellow European Board of Pediatric Surgery, FRCS (Paediatric Surgery), CCT GMC UK | Lahore

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Thank you for your inquiry but unfortunately I am a paediatric surgeon. This question should better be asked from a paediatrician or more appropriately from a pharmacologist.


Respected lady,
I am child surgeon. Either you can search each medicine from Google
regarding safety during feeding or consult a physician or gynaecologist.
Thanks and

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