my son is 15 days old. i breastfeed him. but he vomits (little bit) after every burp..he passes stool ne pees normally..do i need to visit pediatrician or it is normal.


Syed Ali Shazif Baqari

Thank you. In my opinion your child is absolutely fine. There is no need for paediatric consult unless regurgitation of milk after feeding worsens in severity.


MBBS, FCPS, PGPN (USA) | Rawalpindi

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Its quite normal and no need to worry at moment


Spitting up small amounts of milk after feeds is normal for first few
months of life. Any sign of faltering growth would warrant complete
evaluation by a paediatrician.


it is normal ,
do burp after every feed,

no need to worry


MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics) | Lahore

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ur baby is absolutely fine. if u burp ur baby properly after every feed than this problem will solve automatically. no need of any medication.