My baby is 19 days .after feeding sometime he vomit milk .and he doesn't get full one time .


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small amount of vomiting is very common in babies.

make sure he is gaining weight and vomiting is not getting worse. If the weight gain is good, nothing to worry about.

If weight gain is poor then needs to see a Paediatrician


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Alhamdulliah he is gaining weight. he was 2.7 kg and now 3.3 kg.i saw pediatrician he prescribed me 1 cc motilium syrup .Is it OK?

10 months ago


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Needs detailed history
Since when he is vomiting
What is the amount of vomitus
What is the color


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once or twice a day
quantity approx 1 Oz
white colour

10 months ago


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I assume you are breastfeeding. There are many causes of vomiting at this age, the commonest being reflux of milk from stomach due to not fully competent food pipe at its lower end. Other causes may include more severe reflux or a surgical cause called pyloric stenosis, cured easily.

If baby is not gaining weight and mother has experience of feeding especially breast feeding then it is worth visiting clinic for a physical review. Especially in a neonate one can not take any chances.

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Dr. Abid Qazi



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first visit your nearest child specialist, if he refers you after few tests than consult me.


it's pretty common if baby vomits out a portion of milk after feed, and that too sometimes only, as others said.

if baby is otherwise healthy and well, keep these things in mind while and after feeding the baby.
1. feed your baby in intervals.
2. maintain you baby's position more of sitting in lap rather than lying down.
3. keep the baby in upright position for 30 minutes after feed and don't make him lay down.

in case baby is vomiting every time he is being fed, or whole portion of feed, consult your neonatologist.

hope it may help you.


Keep your baby in upright position after feeding for at least 20mins after
feeding. Use colic drops (no. Of drops/kg body wt. Of your baby) 8hrly.
He will be fine IA.