Muscle Twitch

My thigh muscle twitches ever so slightly but this is happening almost daily in evening, ik do din say I wake up in the middle of the night and find my legs and bed shaking, what is this?


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Hira Idrees Please help


Kindly tell me about your calcium levels


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I am not sure about calcium but I am vitamin D deficient

1 year ago


DPT | Lahore

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Muscle twitching has lots of underlying causes, it depends on your history.
It could be electrolyte imbalance, fibromyalgia or restless leg syndrome.
It needs to be investigated.
If you are doing any vigorous physical activity which provoking such
symptoms you need to stop it.

Thank you,
Dr. Zeeshan Saeed
Consultant Physical Therapist.
Life care hospital.


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I had an electrolytes test, it was normal and I don't do any vigorous exercise.....Can it be due to stress and lack of sleep?

1 year ago


DPT, MS (Orthopedic Manual) | Islamabad

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Aoa...mam this is beacuse of multiple reasons...may be of some defiency or muscle tightness..


Ph.D, DPT, MS OMPT | Lahore

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Do a little bit of stretching whenever this happens. Nothing to worry about. Drink plenty of water


DPT | Rawalpindi

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Taking multi vitamins followed by good balanced diet will solve your problem.
You should involve yourself in some light exercises and drink plenty of water and avoid soft drinks.