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the doctor injected my cousin in wrong vein of he can not walk correctly ...the doctor suggested physiio much time will it take to cure...and how it may treats


It depends. On severity of issue.
Might take 3 weeks


DPT (Riphah International) | Lahore

It depends on severity and musculature.


the injection was injected in nerve not in vein..
the name of nerve is sciatic nerve.. this nerve is getting irritated due to which he cannot walk correctly... it will take at least 1 month regular Physiotherapy... that includes different modalities and exercises plan.


DPT, BS-PT | Karachi

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Depends on the patient condition after assessment, it might be 1 month or 2 month and depends on the severity of nerve injury.


It varies upon his severity... Although couldn't guide properly without assessing the patient... But roughly it may take 1 to 2 months


It depends upon nerve damage that to what extent it damaged... Proper evaluation of motor and sensory function is needed.. Physiotherapy improves his walking abilities but it take sometime depends upon nerve damage... Prognosis can be made after assesment


DPT, BSPT, Foreign Trained in Rehabilitation | Islamabad

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get evaluated by Nero physician of physical therapist, a test known as NCS might be needed, usually physical therapy comprising exercise therapy, electrical stimulation and AFO splint might be essential.


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ncs have done

1 month ago

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq
Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq - Physiotherapist

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share its report / findings

1 month ago


BSC (Physiotherapy), MPhil (Physiotherapy), MPhil (Musculoskeletal), PPDPT | Lahore

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Dear usually it takes 1 to 2 months for the recovery of nerve injury.... But all depends upon the first clinical assessment when the patient comes to the physio...


Almost 3months


I may take 1 month of regular physiotherapy


DPT, BLS, MS (Cardiopulmonary physical therapy) | Islamabad

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Aoa physiotherapy must be continued for months n well it depends upon the severity


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where does doctor inject your cousin did he able to lift his foot while walking


BSPT, DPT | Gujranwala

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First of all its nerve that got demaged not vein. Depending upon level of injury and root of nerve that involved during injury treatment may prolonged from 3-6 months .


DPT(Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Karachi

i will asses the patients range of motions nd his muscle strength nd their walking pattern tht shows which muscls is not working than i will work on it...


MS-NMPT( Master of Science in Neuro Muscular Physical Therapy), DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Rahim Yar Khan

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Complete patient's assessment will give idea about prognosis


DPT(doctor of physical therapy), Masters in neurophysical therapy | Gujranwala

it depends on level of injury and root of nerve that involves in the site of will take 4-6 months and depends on severity level.

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