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I am IT professional, have lower back pain from almost 1.5 years but due to the nature of my work I did not get proper treatment. Initially I have got thermal therpahy and take medicine. But right now the pain is severe when I sit for long hours in front of my laptop. I am using best chair for spine support as well. There are many physiotherapists in Lahore but don't know which one is best.


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Dear usually IT professional have back pain due to prolong sitting and less rest.. Although there are many causes of back pain that may be due to bad posture, any history of injury, core weakness.,knee hip foot or buttock issue or it may be due to abdominal issues .... A good Physiotherapist must have to find the major cause of the problem... Usually it take 1 to 3 sessions if there are no signs of weakness in the back.... But still I must say go for proper evaluation.... If you want to join us u can come to rehabcure for your treatment which is in Model town.... I myself not in Pakistan as I am abroad for one advanced degree in Physiotherapy but my colleagues will help you in this regard... I will come on 10th of March.... InshaAllah


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Thank you for detailed answer. Should I visit Wilcare hospital for back pain treatment?


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Dear, you must get yourself checked by a Physiotherapist, he will guide you how to correct your posture and will relieve your pain through certain techniques. Furthermore you can visit us as well. The most important aspect in IT professionals is the correct use of muscles during prolong sitting. If you will visit us we can facilitate you.
Dr Muhammad Hashim Physiotherapist
Physiogic Physiotherapy Clinic


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back pack in IT and computer users can be due to faulty posture adopt during computer use and mucles will adopt that faulty posture and they become weak.For its correction you need to be adopt healthy amd correct posture for using laptop and strengthen your muscles under the supervision of physiotherapist.U can visit me for further guidance and treatment.


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Dear IT user,
Your nature of job is actually the problem of your chronic back pain. You should’ve a proper treatment of yours so that it could be evaluated what is actually happening inside. Visit a physiotherapist asap because this might be dangerous further.


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yeah definitely it's your job nature that is causing you pain but it's been very long since you are facing this pain. you should take some immediate measures to save yourself from some big disability. first of all check your nature of pain , does it goes down into your legs ? Does the pain gets better with the change in posture ? Dear , the exact cause and treatment can only be provided by some physical examination. but as a necessary measure you should get your legs high during your work and change your posture after half hour or as the pain strts . Get well soon .


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Well, at least you know that your nature of work is causing low back pain but make sure you are not missing anything from your past history like lifting heavy weights or any fall from high surface etc.
As you described earlier that while sitting for long hours make your lower back feel uncomfortable then firstly you should avoid that much stress on your back.

Start with some basic back stretching/strengthening program and consider it as part of your work because this pain can radiate to your legs as well if you are not taking it seriously.

Relying on painkillers seems to be good for short time but at later stage the painkillers won't work

Moreover, you should also follow the ergonomics as shown in picture.

Thank You

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