Shoulder Grinding


My right shoulder feels unstable. I don't have power while throwing stuff. It hangs lower than my left shoulder and is also tilted forward. It grinds when I do Exercises. I've went to one orthopedic surgeon. He took a xray and said it was fine but I'm still having problems. Should I see a physiotherapist or another orthopedic surgeon?


DPT, MS OMPT | Lahore

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You should consult physiotherapist so that he can examine you thoroughly.... There must be instability problem...


DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Karachi

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rounded shoulder. and there may be weeknes. but u should better consult pysiotherapist.


DPT, Ms (Cardiopulmonary) | Islamabad

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You should have proper consultation. It's a case of joint instability. Go to nearest Physiotherapist.


DPT, MSPT, Senior Manual Therapist (Certified by Dry Needling Practitioner), Certified in Modern Orthipedic Medicine Cyriax 7 (Belgium) | Karachi

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This is a muscles related problem. Proper manual therapy will help you to fix this issue


Bachelor(Physiotherapist), CKPT, NLP, Certification in Manual therapy | Islamabad

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If you haven't seen any physiotherapist uptill,you should start now.You need proper examination of strength.Your endurance seems weaker from your statement.With couple of sessions you can get better.If you are resident of Islamabad or Rawalpindi,you can visit physiochillax in Bahria Town.


DPT, BLS, MS (Cardiopulmonary physical therapy) | Islamabad

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hi,i think you must consult physiotherapist for examination for shoulder only then can make u diagnose your shoulder problem.


Anonymous User

consult physiotherapist and do strengthening exercises of right shoulder.


DPT | Rawalpindi

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If your report according to respected orthopedic is ok then maybe you have posture misalignment. As you said your L shoulder is tilted forward (Protracted) then you need shoulder brace for making it perfectly alligned. After that you need to perform some strengthing exercises which will resolve your muscle power
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