i am a quadriplegic from last five year . Currently i have severe muscle loss and experienced palpitations a few time. From last one day i am seeing a dark red pigmentation on my both legs, spots are plain and soft, i need to know if they are pressure sores (the legs do remain under pressure for 3 hrs daily as a result of my sleeping posture) or DVT, thanks


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signs of dvt are differnt lyk shiny skin hair loss and palor.Dvt is confirmed through testing and by INR must care for the pressure sore by changing your posture after 2hours daily.


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No it's not a sign of pressure sores. Area becomes red and a bit hot due to pressure sores and progress to a wound on skin. So just relax. But on the safe side you must change your position after every hlf n hour to 45 minutes. Furthermore, keep your limbs and trunk moving either passively by someone else or if you can do a bit on your own
If pigmentation increases then you should consult a dermatologist at your earliest.
May you get well soon. Ameen!


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If this is at pressure site, then it could be a pressure sore.
It could stasis eczema if there is swelling upon legs and there is a bit change in color of legs.
It could be DVT as you're immobile for a long time.
In any case you need to see a doctor immediately.

Get well soon.


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it's thrombus. You need to get some treatment from nearest physical therapist. and get some myofacial release.


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1st do tell do u feel sweeling. or pitted after touch. contect me. online. i will see this 1st.


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