Angry And Destruction

My son is 23 years old. He just graduated in an engineering field, which he did not like and from UET taxila (do not like this uni too). During uni days we ask him not to go far flung remote areas as he is the eldest son. Now he is fighting with his parents specially mother that parents are responsible for wasting is 5 years study time. Now he wants to make new friends and enjoy 5 years. He complain pain in the head just upside of ears. He says he do not like to see any one happy. he will destroy if any one become happy infront of him. he also start breaking things at home. He do this once or twice in a day for some time. some time alternate days. He is doing his internship these days but, after coming from there he says he want to go some where. Please advice what to do. I am not in lahore at the moment.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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He should be taken to a psychiatrist as soon as possible.These symptoms can come in various different psychiatric illness.Early diagnosis and management can help him recover quickly. how is his sleep?


Muhammad Azeem

ask him do offer prayers 5 times and read Quran. spend holidays, some good time with him.