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it's been like a year since i've had anxiety. and now its been worse. its really effecting my daily life activities. such as going to university, completing my due assignment, i get so anxious that i cannot even concentrate and pray my regular salah. i feel completely lost even in a room full of people. it's like i dont belong there. it's effecting my social life as i'm having trouble interacting with people. i cannot talk in social gatherings even if i want to. feels like i'm caged inside of myself. and i feel sad for myself all the time. i see worst in every possible situations, in people. i have a constant worry that something bad might happen. i always thought that maybe its a phase and it'll go eventually but it gets back to me after every 2 month and then i'm back at that same position. should i really need to go see a doctor and get myself checked ?


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kindly contact me through for treatment.


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Welcome, yes you should visit a psychiatrist near by for proper assessment and management. One years is quite long time because duration for diagnosis of psychiatric disorders are not long for depression two weeks are required for diagnosis , depression is disease that need to be treated properly and psychosocial factors need to be assessed. Thanks

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