Obsessive Compulsive Dis

I have been ocd for 8 years I am facing a lot of problem.time and again washing hands .Some time thinking negative according relegious etc


OCD can be very frustrating and I can imagine the distress you are going through. It includes having repeated thoughts which a person wants to get rid of but cant and is often followed by repititive actions such as hand washing or checking. The thoughts can be about any themes but most common ones are about being unclean or having blasphemous thoughts about religion which invokes guilt, regret and severe distress as we start thinking its our fault. First and foremost, you need to understand that it is a clinical condition and not under your control and hence you cannot be blamed. Secondly, please visit a qualified psychiatrist and seek proper management which includes medications as well as referrel for therapy. Combination of medication and therapy yields good results but patient commitment matters. Please be regular in your follow-ups.


OCD is a disorder which can be managed. As per your condition all i could
suggest you is to go for proper psychological assessment, therapy and
If you are unable to reach qualified psychologist and psychiatrist then i
would suggest you to practice "Guided Imagery" you can find it on youtube
and read literature about OCD. It will help u to reduce ur stress till u
find conpetent professional.



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Dear Sir!
OCD is very severe and life long illness if not treated. Not only it
affects life of people but also affects their quality of relationships. I
would suggest that you go to your nearby psychiatrist or you can tell me
your area of residence and i shall recommend you a psychiatrist

Best Regards


Marwa Tahir

Aoa Dr!I am from Lahore and i have been suffering from OCD. My age is 16 I have tried various medicines ( fluoxetine, paroxetine along with rivotril) as well as relaxation techniques but all in vain.My condition is getting severe day by day and my thoughts are multiplying with each passing day.I have become aggressive due to this disorder.I feel afraid of my body parts and i feel like my muscles and body parts are pulling towards each other. this stuff consumes a lot of time and is getting in the way of important activities. Just because of these negative thoughts interrupting my studies I've skipped my intermediate exams.Kindly suggest me some treatment regarding this disorder .

1 year ago


rafia suhail

Sir m also suffering from ocd
Washing hands problems
Feeling everything dirty
2 to 3 hours in washroom, cleaning myself I ve 2 kids, completely ignored with my illness. Plz help me.
From 7 years m suffering I consulted many doctors. They gave me medicines its only a temporary relief m v hopeless

6 months ago


Please start antiobsessive drugs along with psychotherapy from a nearby
psychiatrist.Its treatable..