Paper Eating Habit

Age 34, having paper eating habit since childhood,mother of 2, also patient of thelisimia minor so always enamic, want to get rid of this bad habit, two continuesly miscarriages after my two boys, want to conceive now but my hemoglobin is very low 8-9, kindly help.


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Sorry to hear your paper eating habit is still bothering you at age of 34.

It can represent underlying issues which can only be ruled out after detail assessment.

Inbox me to discuss in detail (<> ). I provide online consults.


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Paper eating habbit also known as Pica or xylophagia.It is compulsive spectrum condition like ocd.People with pica also have iron ,zinc deficiency .Treatment is paroxitine 25 mg daily mutivitamin supplement ,beclofan 20 mg  and CBT. .


You should consult a doctor of Medicine and a gynecologist