Anger And Negativity

My daughter seems to be suffering from some behaviour issues. She has become an angrier person and always keeps fighting and arguing. Negativity seems to be becoming a part of her personality. When I try to talk to her she doesn’t want to open up saying that you won’t understand.


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please contact me on whatsapp at +042-32591427, 042-32591427, . i will help.


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At age 14 puberty start so hormonal changes play a role in mood swings and tantrums, but I suggest you to consult a professional psychologist as she will open to a professional rather than to a family member.


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Could you plz recommend any good psychologist in or near Bahria Town Lahore.

8 months ago

Amina Iftikhar Bhatti
Amina Iftikhar Bhatti - Psychologist

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No idea about Behriya town

8 months ago


Ayesha Mustafa

that s normal
it happens once they step in teen age.
her reaction towards you in normal. teens usually need someone to whom they can talk about and related to. if you feel convenient contact me as iam already working with teens