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My wife was quite over weight and we started her treatment from a physian. Physian wrote several lab tests including sugar (HB1AC) also. The result was 6.2 out of 7 and he declared her diabetic. But the way the physian said this, it very badly shocked my wife. She reduced her weight successfully and her sugar value is 5.6/7 but she thinks 24/7 that she is diabetes. She feels many many bad feelings and resultantly feels sever headache and mental stress and burden. She feels herself diabetec though she is not and is under mental stress. Please guide.


she needs some psychological helep like councilling sessions n might b possibl some anti stressors too...

Saadia Nazir Tazeem - Psychologist

MS (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore

Aoa, sorry to hear abt ur wife undergoing a stress reaction after being tentatively diagnosed as diabetic .
It is alrite ,as she is undergoing a normal stress reacton.
She will b fine ins with a consultation with a professional psychologist .
Kindly last for appointment at 042-32591427,
And consult there. I hope n expect she gets rid of the stress she has experienced for sm time
Best wishes n get well soon wishes sent her way

Amina Iftikhar Bhatti - Psychologist

MS(Clinical And Counseling Psychology), Msc (Child Psychology) | Lahore

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To manage the stress related to the health concern Psychoeducation is
important as you mentioned now her HBA1C is in controlled form just educate
her that now her diabetes is in a controlled category it is simple just if
someone has fever in his/her life when he/she recovers he/she is no more a


Dr. Ambreen Iqbal - Psychologist

MSc, M.phil, PhD | Lahore

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pl visit my clinic, she needs professional help;;;take an appointment from
hosp. tc

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