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Hello Dear Doctors, I need professional help. I will list my attitudes that are a point of concern for me, even though no one from my family or friends have ever noticed anything strange in my behavior and I try to live a happy personal as well as professional life. 1 I overthink and it is always negative that im helpless with 2 trust issues that has kept me single till now 3 I get bad disturbing dreams that I often forget when I wake up 4. I degrade myself and capabilities unintentionally thats a huge problem I wana copr with. 5. I need to get over negativity in thoughts its becoming difficult for me day by day 6. I am tired and lazy all day long and nothing seems to make me happy 7. I have mood swings and I am am scared to speak up in places that I should speak up. 8. Cry out of no reason and till my eyes swell 9. Repulsive an 10.tensed all day long for others not myself . Way too much selflessness that my family is not happy about.


Masters, Mphil (Clinical Psychology) | Rawalpindi

dear u seems to have so many problems at the same time some frightening
memories , some body has betrayed ur trust ,past negative experiences had
made u think negative , some social anxiety , u feel gloomy at times ,so u
need detail evaluation , have ur depression test checked as well as anxiety
and also your personality and psycho social issues
Get consultation of some very good psychologist for detail help
thanks best

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