Chronic Stress

I feel so underpressure in people. I forget my lines. I get over cautious. Under pressure my performance is zero. I feel people at my office are going to fire me because my nerves are not strong enough. I m so worried. I cant survive if I lose my job. I feel darkness everywhere.


Aisha Malik

You can book appointment with me via Marham. We can talk it out. First consultation will be free.


Muhammad Usman

You should consult a physiatrist


MS, ADCP, NLP (Hypnotherapist) | Lahore

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U need to get proper would be online if u easy with it.
If u wanna visit to my place so it would be more comfortable.
Per session fee 042-32591427,


you need to consult a psychiatrist in personal asap


Masters, Mphil (Clinical Psychology) | Rawalpindi

u r having anxiety features which need treatment , plz consult psychologist
for ur treatment


MS (Clinical Psychology) | Islamabad

Dear Mr.Hope you are doing well. It seems more of a social and performance anxiety to me. You need to seek therapeutic help where your psychologist will help you learn ways to deal with this public anxiety through graded exposure and behavioral experiments. 


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Greetings, Thank You for your question,

It seems your symptoms are in need of stress management, confidence boosting, interpersonal effectiveness and training sessions by a clinical psychologist to regain your pleasures of life and command over the reaction.

I recommend you to seek therapy services for assessment and management with the help of different strategies based on your condition and possibility. If you need my services I will be happy to help.. You can contact 042-32591427, .