Patient has no pain but there is hypertention .patient is weeping and asking for forgiveness from everyone


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she need proper assessment for that behaviour.

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Any recent traumatic event?

1 year ago


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Dear I think he/she is in depression seems to be;;;pl visit my clinic

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I recommend you to visit for her proper evaluation by a professional psychiatrist in emergency setting / clinical psychologist nearby asap, it seems severe depressive episode and might lead to suicidality within no time as you told about hyperactivity...


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If you are in Lahore, can visit me at clinic in Gulberg
for appointment -042-32591427,


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u can take session .....per session fee is 042-32591427,


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Well d age bracket she falls in, show signs of alzhimers.
Get her examined, coz depression in such age is not common.
She must b undergoing neurological disturbance more dn d psychologic
disturbance u r referring to.
Get her examined.


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pt is suffering from depression needs medication and psychiatric help