Dizziness And Light Headch And Eye Focus Problem


Sir i have problem of dizziness and light burning headch just like pressure surronding of head...light burning headch come front of head and some time back of head and my eye moving as my focus out...feeling irritate Al the time...dctr said that is due to depression and anxiety..pls sir guide me..


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U need proper sessions and per session fee 042-32591427, .


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Aoa I hope you will be doing fine. Dizziness and headache are surely a sign of acute stress if every other physiological ailment is ruled out. You might have to see a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to get the proper diagnoses and therapy. With therapy it can easily be managed. For the starters i will recommend you to have a healthy life style, go for morning or evening walk. Avoid smoking and extra sugary things such as fizzy drinks. It can alleviate the symptoms. Your thought pattern will have to be catered which can cause anxiety but that will be done through therapy. You can visit my clinic if you come to Lahore.


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Aoa Ayesha Mam...hope you will be fine....where is your clinicin lahore?
Mam you think that the symptom of derpression.?

2 years ago


your case needs to be discussed in detail:book an online appointment here: https://www.facebook.com/Zainab-Arshed-Javed-Consultant-Clinical-Psychologist-042-32591427, /


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Walekum Salam.
Yes these can be symptoms of depression, however the proper diagnosis can be made only by thorough observation. Which is the reason i will recommend you to see a mental health specialist.
I practice at Hameed Latif Hospital, Lahore, from Monday to Friday. You can book an appointment at my clinic by clicking on my name tag if you want to. Rest of the details are mentioned over there as well


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dear then treat ur self for the depression and anxiety first try to find
out the reason for these both and then get treated


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The headache, irritability, and dizziness has so many causes, may be its
related with stress, anxiety, mood disorder or have some other reasons like
low iron levels or having thyroid issuee. You need proper consultation.
Contact me for appointment at 042-32591427, 042-32591427,


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Dear Mr.Hope you are doing well. It seems more of anxiety symptoms to me. Kindly seek therapeutic help by consulting any psychiatrist/psychologist. 


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