Mental Unsatisfaction


I do'nt trust on myself.I am unable to understand myself.Somtimes i wanted to cry,sometimes i am becoming very sad but can nat understand its reason.I want to understand myself.I want to understand others.


MS(Clinical And Counciling Psychology) | Lahore

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you express your feeling of sadness but as you say you are unable to find the reason behind this feelings as we know our thoughts are linked with aur feelings and emotions so to understand your self you need to identify the thoughts which leads toward feeling of sadness.


ok..its possible..u need some psychological sessions n might b possible some medicines...


PhD Scholar in Clinical Psychology, MS (Clinical Psychology), Msc (HDFS), Dietetics,Diploma in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Diploma in Diet and Nutritional Advisor with distinction, Diploma in Family and Relationship Therapist | Lahore


I feel you are going through extreme confusion, mistrust and low mood these days, there might be some underlying stressor associated with it.

Please consult a professional clinical psychologist near you asap.... few psychotherapeutic sessions would train you can also seek online sessions with me..042-32591427,


MS, ADCP, NLP (Hypnotherapist) | Lahore

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u can take my online sessions and per session fee is 042-32591427, .


MS (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore

It seems do u r undergoing sm sort of trans formation in ur personality ,
from teenage to adult age n it entails responsibility n confidence.
U need a consultation with a counsellor or a psychologist who will assess u
n ur dreams n aspirations in detail n help u welcome to d adult age with a
smiling face. Since u r in faisalabad, n I work in lhr so I cn nt tell u
to cm over. Find something good psychologist in ur city n have a minimum of
2 sittings.
Best wishes.
If u plan coming to lhr it's feasible, contact 042-32591427, n get an
appointment from my staff for ur sessions.
Happy transformation. ..


MSc, M.phil, PhD | Lahore

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Dear Gulshan
U need counseling and u need to visit my clinic dear or i can have skype
sitting with if that suits u. As not possible to do sitting via email.


Masters, Mphil (Clinical Psychology) | Rawalpindi

dear u have trust issues and depression need to know the causal factors of
this condition take appointment from psychologist and get your self treated


MSc, M.phil, PhD | Lahore

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Pl visit my clinic.

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