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From early months of pregnancy to birth I was facing many issues by my in laws specially my mother in law. After my delivery she start saying that I will have no right on this baby etc etc. She doesn't allow me to breastfeed my baby. These things were not bearable for me n I start misbehaving everyone n saying that I am his mother never snatch him from me. He is 8 months old now but I am still facing these knd of psychological condition. How to deal with it.


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Respected Sister

I can well understand this situation and a commonality of rows between mother in law and your kind of relation.

Would it be possible for you to call me on 042-32591427, 042-32591427, so that i will be able to better guide you on this. I don't charge any fee.


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Hi. Pl visit my clinic. Thx.


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Dear here we need family therapy i.e to talk with your mother in law that
what is her issue ? she needs counselling and u also need patience dont
spoil the situation with your anger , need to see the psychologist in


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This situation is more likely a family conflict which need to address as this situation is affecting many individuals like you your baby and obviously your mother in law as well. Family therapy is the option to be considered.


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Pl visit me at my clinic.
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