Phychology Problem

i em 23 years old female .. i em having a physcology problem that from last 10 days evry night i feel that people are trying to kill me or harm me even in my own home.. i realy feel very unsecure in the dark specially at night .. my hubby loves me alot but even sometimes i feel that he can harm or kill me even i know its not like that so because of this fear i em unable to eat n sleep n getting week day by day .. kindly tell me whats my problem


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Dear Patient
Hope you are doing well. I want to tell you that there are incidents that trigger the fears in a person.
First i want to ask you from when these symptoms started appearing and are they exacerbating currently? Can you define your symptoms in detail to me? and kindly tell me the duration of these symptoms


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have to take a proper session on call or on skyp.....I have to get ur previous history and other issues that u are facing. Session fee is 042-32591427, .


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As you mention in your statement you are feeling insecure and doubtful
about the people around you basically you need to go through the proper
assessment to identify and diagnosis the underline issues and then I will
provide help to fix those issues to improve the quality of your life. Feel
free to schedule an appointment.


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dear it could be your childhood bitter experience which has changed into fear and phobia u need regular CBT, PSYCHOTHERAPY SESSIONS FOR ITS TREATMENT