Postpartum Depression

I think I had developed ppd. Just after delivery time I was so much depressed and upset that I got sucidial. I use to think of ways of killing myself and prayed for my death. I also didnt love my baby as much as I should and I hate to feed him as well. I shout on baby and wanted to get rid of him too. It had been 3 months now. My relation with my baby is now better but feel upset depressed as I had lost my freedom because of baby. I still sometime feel the need to die. I get angry on minute things. Please suggest what should I do? Should I consult a psychologist?


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She is in karachi, considering the client's situation please recommend anyone present in her city! It would not be feasible for her to move to Multan!

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please consult a clinical psychologist as soon as possible otherwise it will go severe


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Thank You for your questions, As you have shared the symptoms at early after the birth, considering the symptoms of PPD, you might had experienced the postpartum episode. It is possibility that the symptoms re appear of get severe with time. In case of having thoughts regarding harming self or baby, immediately contact emergency setting for evaluation and assessment by a mental health professional near you. I recommend you to seek therapy services as soon as possible. If you need my services I will be happy to help as I will be in karachi from coming Monday. You can contact 042-32591427, .


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Dear u need to consult psychologist


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I agree with the views expressed by the professionals here that don't leave this PPD episode untreated. Seek treatment in your city. A clinical psychologist may work in a structured manner to alleviate symptoms, if you're looking for a longer therapy, there are lots of competent psychotherapists in Khi. If you feel that your symptoms are severe and your motivation for therapy is low, no harm getting an assessment from a psychiatrist.


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Aisha Malik can you please look into this case ?