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I am facing breathing issue while i try to sleep, Sometimes miner pain in chest and left arm. I went to Cardiologist, He did ECG, ECO, ETT and wrote a report with all fine things. I feel like something is stuck in my throat kind of a air bubble. He said you feel whistle sound while breathing that time, i said yes sometimes. He gave me Asthma Inhaler. Tonight again it went worse and i used inhaler too but no effect. I feel like shot breath and Its very tough for me to sleep. If you can suggest me any doctor, hospital or medicine or test I will be very thankful. Thanks for this platform I really appreciate.

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Dr. Umar Usman



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MBBS, MD (Pulmonology) | Islamabad

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Well ur symptoms suggest of asthma u need some detailed review do ur cbc
chest xray pa view
Start with tab montiget 10 mg at night
Tab easair 1/2 daily and pump ventoline two puff twice a day for 1week
And let me know i usually visit faisalabad can get chkd there


You did not mention your weight .H/O sneezing?You may get consultation from
me at Farooq Hospital at canal road Lahore opposite to Metro Lahore, 4 to


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Sneezing is high. Most of the times i use to sneeze. I will get these medicine and will see you in faisalabad. My weight is 60 kg. Age is 30 years, Married, father of a 7 months old son. One more thing stomache is not normal, when i burb i feel a bit relaxed. It seems like some bubbles are floating upwords to my throat. Thanks

2 years ago


MBBS, MCPS, DDCT | Karachi

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I think you will have to visit a chest specialist
to examine you and also a complete detailed history is also necessary.
Thanks and regards
Dr Muhammad Hasan


Dr. Fawad Ahmad Randhawa

It looks like a constellation of Acid Peptic Disease with a backdrop of Obstructive Lung Disorder.
Needs to be negated on both grounds
JazakAllah Khair


MBBS, MCPS(Internal Medicine), FCPS (Pulmonology) | Faisalabad

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Do you snore while sleeping..?
Do you feel Chest Tightness or Short of Breath on Lying Flat..?
Do You Smoke..?
feel free to text me on 042-32591427,
i will reply back when i will b free


MBBS, MCPS(Internal Medicine), FCPS (Pulmonology) | Faisalabad

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kindly whatsapp or email me your Xray chest Snap


Kindly tell me your weight height and answer the followings questions
Since how long you are feeling this complain
Do u feel any one of following with this
Chest tightness
whistling sound in the chest
Or chest tightness
You seem to have allergic rhinitis problem
Was it ever diagnosed
Do you have family history of
Allergy / asthma / skin rash
Any exposure to bird?
Did u ever feel this complain in past if yes in which season how it was relived
Dil you snore?
What asthma inhaler you started


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w salam,
I am feeling it for years its not new but no one ever diagnosed it as asthma nor i take it seriously as my stomach was always upset and I thought its because of stomach gas etc. Whenever i burp i feel like relaxed. i feel like tiny bubbles are floating upwards to my throught.

I don't smoke, I do SEO, Search Engine Optimization and i am always sitting on my bed or in my office. I feel like some load at the start of my ribs, stomach side, and my chest is always loaded i mean like some weight on it. Sometimes right after taking meal I feel pain in chest while breathing.

I don't snore, my wife never complained about it..!

I feel a bit of whistles when i laugh loud with friends, then i cough and whistles for a few minutes. sometimes at night i feel whistles while breathing but you can say ratio is like 1 in 10. and yes when i am in car and my friend lits up a cigarette i feel irritation, sometimes cough.
I am not using any inhaler, the cardiologist suggested one

2 years ago

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