Chest Pain

I ,m unable to get rid of chest pain .I ,m tired of using medicine like xobex ,valsartan m r ,ascard ,digesic ,disprin c v ,perfectile ,concor ,amlyne etc .I have latest e c g and hepatitis reports .These r normal .I, m also diabetic but it remains under control after using getformin .Chest x ray was also normal .Gas problem is negligible .What ,s the matter .I ,ve visited from general physicians to pulmanologist and cardiologists .


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thanx sir

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Well there are 3 major causes of chest pain
Chest himself
Gastro involved
Heart involve
Kindly get proper workup to establish the cause only then treatment will be appropriate
Contact proper pulmonologist


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Difficult to comment on this type of untractable chest pain u need to see a senior pulmonologist