Lung Biopsy Report

My father has been facing shortness of breath for last 5 months. Initially he was diagnosed with TB. However, his AFB tests were negative. He responded positively to ATT for 3 months after which progress stopped. CT Scan suggested empyema in lungs for which VATS was conducted along with pleural tissue extraction for biopsy. Biopsy report: Sections examined reveal pleural tissue with a poorly differentiated malignant neoplasm characterized by cells focally forming signet ring shaped cells. There is wide spread evidence of vascular and lymphatic premeation. The tumour cells are positive for Cytokeratin 7 and Cytokeratin 20. They are negative for TTF-1. The features are consistent with poorly differentiated metastatic adenocarcinoma. Based on morphology and irnmunohistochemical profile, possibilities include upper gastro­ intestinal tract & pancreato-biliary tract. I want to understand expected time left and way forward with quality of life being primary aim


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Dear did diagnosis confirmed about the cancer which orgsn it is?
Stomach cancers are less aggressive as compare to pancreas
Its metastatic disease stage 4 the prognosis is poor
Time span varies btwn 6 months to 2 years
There are studies wich say use of antioxidents from fredh friuts vegetables
help out cancreous patient live bit longer and out of depresson u can go
fir that.
May Allah help u all


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Adenocarcinoma is An Aggressive Tumor
According to Report, Data and History , Tumor Stage is Already 4.. Last Stage
So Expected Time with Chemotherapy is less than 1 year
Newer Treatment Options ( Targeted therapy , e.g Crizotonib ) are unfortunately Too Costly and Not Available in Pakistan
So Palliative Care and Chemotherapy Cycles as Advised by Your