Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Discharge

Assalam-o-Alaikum, I hope you are fine, I have a problem of erectile dysfunction from 10 years, my penis erects for very less time than usual, when I get up from sleep at morning I usually got my penis unerected, also I discharged twice a week during sleep time. Doctor kindly show me the right guidelines, Jazakallah-khair


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Combine ED and PME is not easy to treat.I need to know which diease started first and which is xausing more problem .You also need investgation like serum testosterone serum prolactin as well.You can try half viagra one hour before sex.Annd ler me know result.Ultimatly you need 2
3 to four consultancies .For that contact .Marham.We can discuss problem on mobile after due paymemt.
Or better visit to clinics at Lahore .
Dr Burki


send me basic lab report so that i can help u .
uric acid
fasting lipid profile
after getting these labs i wll tey to help u


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Ok sir soon, thank you

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