Sexual Disinterest

My husband is not quite interested in sex. We have been married for only 1.5 years. I am having issues conceiving after a miscarriage and I want to have intercourse during my predicted ovulation days but its difficult to convince him. He discharges very soon and I dont get satisfied. He is straight and completely fine because I had conceived a babu with him. Is there any meds that I can give him to increase his sexual needs and timings?


wasalam .
for patients having lack of interest ( loss of libido ) we often do his labs test which includes
1. fasting lipid profile
2. uric acid
3. HbA1c .
all test must b at morning time with empty stomach .. so after labs i wll suggest u some medicine .
meanwhile u muat start . tab cialis 20 mg 1/4 tab at bed time after meal.
and tab everlong 60 mg 1/2 tab one hour before intercourse ...


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For loss of libido we need hormonal test.This include testosterone prolactin DHEA .We also have to evaluatr him for depression .Definitly he also need psycho abd sex therapy.We have medicine for premature ejaculation like everlong.But I would not recommend to use everlong your self.It has special protocol to use.Loss of libido and ED are different thing only interview can distinguish between them.