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Asking For Self, Male, 36 years old, Faisalabad

I am suffering for hurt burning. Please suggest any suitable treatment for it. I am using very medicine but all in vain problem is still there.

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MBBS, MSC (Cardiology), Dip (Echocardiography)

Thanks very much for asking Well before I suggest you something, I would like to know a few things 1. Do you have heart burning issue when you take meals or even on empty stomach? 2. When you walk, jog or do some heavy work, is heart burning precipitated or increased? 3. Do you smoke? Are you hypertensive or diabetic? Do you have any previous heart related issues? 4. What have you already tried for heart burning and how has it benefitted you? Kindly answer these questions before I suggest any appropriate remedy Thanks Dr Haseeb Ashraf

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Muhammad Bhatti


Look like stomach issue. please consult both cardiologist and gastroentrogist. Dr. Saab I am facing same issue after 2 hours of eating (specially spicy, fatty food and citrus fruits like pineapple and strawberries) But on the other side, I do gym, i can walk and running around 3 to 4 kilo meter daily, i am feeling any burning while running or jogging. My Echo, ETT, Multi ECGs and cardiac enzyme and blood tests were all normal.

Umair Dear what about your problem ? is any thing diagnosed or not ? i am having same problem, Kindly Whatsapp or SMS me on this Number 00923113883683

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