Blood In Stool

Hello, this question is for my mother, I hope I will get help from you all. It all started 3 days ago when my mother ate spicy food. She normally eats home cooked food with less spices. First, she got caught up by diarrhea where she felt intense pain in stomach and suffered from loose motion with 103° body temperature. Now the temperature is under control but she is loosing blood whenever she goes to the toilet to pass a stool. She feels like vomiting every time after that and also feels the fatigue. Please help us in identifying the issue and by suggesting a good doctor in Karachi. Thank You.


Does she have Hepatitis C & has this happened before?


It feels like it an amoebic infection but I would like to know her history first.


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plz visit near by physician in Karachi


This sound like dysentry most likely caused by a bacterial infection. Please get her assessed by a near by physician if shes dehydrated she may need IV fluids otherwise oral antibiotics may suffice


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Please contact at following email for detailed discussion and treatment. Inshallah she will b cured.
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