Swear Pain In Lower Abdomin After Laproscopic Surgery

AOA Doctors. Meri wife ki laproscopic surgery hui the(overian drilling).achanak almost 1 month k.baad usey pait main shadeed pain hui.doctor ne infection batai urine report k.baad and sugested novidat 500 mg for 3 weaks.lakin ab achanak again 1 month j baad pain dobara start ho gai ha.shadeef pain naaf se neechay pait main.please bata dain.wt to.do.now doctor ne pau killer spasfam di thelakin wo b kaam ni kr rahi.thanks

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MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), Fellow of Gastroenterology | Lahore

ji i think you need to go a doctor...he or she may advice you some investigations like CBC urine c/e ultrasound abdomen and pelvis....

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Thanks on trusting me I would suggest if u get the opinion of a surgeon immediately and get a fresh ultrasound if possible bc I wonder if it's some severe condition needs immediate treatment if u give painkiller it may mask the symptoms thanks and kindly if u give me feedback so I may correct myself if I am wrong thanks

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Aoa thank you and shall need a thorough checking and investigations

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Get Her Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound to rule out Surgery related
Give her
Tab:Nospa Forte 1+1
Tab:Tonoflex-P 1+1
Cap:Omexia(Omeprazol+Sodium Bicarbonate) 1+1 khali pait

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Fahad Abbas


i am sorry to hear all this

in my opinion and as the urine report says yur wife is suffering from hematuria that is due to the urinary catheter inserted during the surgery

she should drink as much water as she can

she need the antibiotics yu mentioned for atleast 7 days

she requires tab ARTIFEN 50mg once a day at night for pain relief

if she doesnot settle with this, she should see a urologist and may require admission under the care of the urologist for a day or so

in my humble opinion, she doesnt require any urgent or immediate surgery

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Tab Rotec suba sham for 7 to 10 days
Sath Tab Exapro 10mg daily at night

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