Chronic constipation and Fisher

Asking for Self, Female, 35 years old, Rawalpindi

Hi. I started having constipation during my third pregnany. After my baby was born it started getting worse. Leading to Fisher. Tried all medicines. Allopathic, herbal, homeopathic. Temporarily the wound heals. Then again hard stool leads to an even worse wound. It's over two years now. Terribly need some proper guidance. I've tried sit baths, diet change, all types of ointments, even steroids.

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InshAllah if you want 100% relief without wasting time & money then contact please. Regards

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You may need Life style change Alteration in food intake And a laxative Also if not better you may need anal dilation under G A

Anonymous Thank you for responding. I am already on a laxative tablet for the past 8 months. Lexobenan. 1 tablet at night. Daily.

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