Hi Doctors, I felt little bump on anus, thrombosed hemorrhoids, i had it almost 5 months ago, then it vanished but again appeared 2 months ago and gone after 10 days, but it is again there. Please help regarding this, what i should do, i am really shy to go to a doctor for this. is there any thing serious? also i had accident year ago and hit my left hip and i feel pain from time to time, yesterday i felt alot of pain on my left side of hip (i think it is due to that accident) and again hemorrhoids (bump) appeared on the same side of anus.


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Dear the treatment of thrombosis piles is surgery.
It's better get it examined from a surgeon and if he suggest operation go
for the same.


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Dear patient,
Consult a surgeon and follow his or her advise. For any further details you may connect me again.


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Aoa need band ligation by a competent surgeon meanwhile pleas take syrup Lactodil 4 tablespoons thrice a day


Without having examined you physically, I am basing my assessment entirely
on your history (and therefore may be wrong). From what you have described,
you nay be suffering from repeated attacks of something called a "perianal
hematoma". Simply put, this means that you likely strain when passing stool
and from time to time tge strain is so much that small vessels under the
skin surrounding the anal opening burst leading to a small blood clot under
the skin. This is usually painful at first but settles within a few days.
The most important thing you need to do is to control ypur constipation,
preferably by making a habit of taking increased amounts of water and
dietary fiber (fruits, daal and vegs are good sources for the latter).
Best regads
Dr Shahzad Amjad


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Get it checked.it may be thrombosed haemorrhoid .infection w canvcause problem.use 5%xylocain ointment before dedication .come tom I will guide you
.dr qaim deen
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