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dear doctors I need little help regarding milk protein llergy. please let me know is there any test available through which we can find it out that the child is suffering from milk allergy. if yes kindly name it. looking forward to your response.

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There are two ways of testing this. Firstly small pricks are made in the skin and proteins from the milk are touched to those areas and a reaction is noted. The second way is a blood test called IgE and this is a confirmatory test for Milk Protein allergy. Easily found in most of the tertiary care hospital in Pakistan.

Anonymous thank u so much for ur response. Can u guide me where I can done with the tests in Lahore? can it be done from Agha khan lab or shaukat khanam labs?

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There are tests and methods to diagnose milk protein allergy but there is an easier method suggested in literature. You have to stop giving the offending agent (milk in this case), for atleast 2 weeks and see if it helps. If it does, extend it to 4 weeks. Then RESTART the suspected agent. If the initial symptoms recur immediately, you need a detailed evaluation..... Hope, it helps. Dr Mazhar Abbas Butt.

Anonymous well noted thank u so much

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U can go for stool complete examination Cbc to look for eosinopilhilia Serum ige level Food allergy test We dont have skin prick or patch test available For surety we are doing upper and lower gi endoscopy with duodenal and colonic biopsies to reach a diagnosis

Anonymous thank u so much😊

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