Erectile Dysfunction

I have a problem that my penis is not erecting and no sex drive. I was never a sex superman but did not have this problem before. I am confused that wheather its because i lost my confidence or its not erecting thats y i lost my confidence. Please help i am really worried. I have two kids. Please tell some instant remedy.

Dr. Athar Mehmood

there r diffremt causes....psychological history. ...diabetic status....lipid profile. ..basic investigation required then can guide


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These tests are ok.

9 months ago

Dr. Hassan Raza Asghar

Dear examination n history needed.instant remedies r only temporary solution.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir Bashir Malik

FRCS (Urology) FCPS(Urology) FACS,MCPS,MBBS | Faisalabad

Dear Sir ,
Thanks for your query.

Kindly be informed that open forum discussions are not meant for the treatment of specific diseases of any filed. They are meant only for the patient education & general advises related to that specific disease.

I receive a lot of messages and emails about sexual & fertility problems. These problems need a detailed, confidential discussion between patient/couple & their treating doctor.

I would strongly recommend to all respectable members here , NOT to post their personal issues at public forums. Additionally , Medications are advised only once a doctor has seen the patients.

In the open forums, some visitors may start using the medications which has been advised to some other patients. This practice may be dangerous.

Thanks for understanding this message. Your queries shall be highly appreciated.

Thanks &

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