I feel severe pain during walking as my Legs touches to each other and don't have normal gap b/w my legs. Besides, My hips also touch and I constantly feel pain/irritation while walking. could you please suggest to whom I should consult in Karachi. Please suggest the ones who are economically also good as I can not afford high fees. Thanks

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If u r over weight, that cud b the reason to it. In normal words its called chub rub.. the most economical thing is the anti pesperant sticks.. the solid ones... rub them wea u feel ur legs touch each other n ull feel comfortable. If not then u can consult someone

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DrNaeem Chaudry

Reduce weight if overweight
Use Vaseline three times daily on area which rub

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Aoa need a thorough checking by a competent physician and investigations for diagnosis and treatment

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