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Hi, I am a mother of a 1.9years old son.Currently i am facing the issue where i wake up to find my limbs sleeping. It started with my hands only but lately it has been shifteing to my lower legs and arms as well. The pattern is that if i am sleeping on my right side, i wake up to find my left arm either weak or numb and vice versa for the time when i am sleeping on my left. It gets okay after a little while but sometimes, even during the day i feel one of my arms being overly heavy (just like now i can feel myself pushing my right arm extra hard to make all the movements) Can someone please help me understand that why is it happening or which doctor should i be consulting for this problem?

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You can contact me. Dr. Shams .

Anonymous Thanks. Ill look into your profile .

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DrNaeem Chaudry


It may be due to
1. lack of exercise
2. Anxiety - tension

How is your sleep? Appetite?

Anonymous Hi,
I have had sleep issues for a while now but they heightened during the third trimester to be specific when i just couldnt sleep at all for 36hours in a row at times. Now,there are some days when I am extremely sleepy but then there are some when I don't feel sleepy at all till 5am in the morning. And regarding my appetite, I don't think it is under control. I keep munching on and off even when my stomach is full its like my appetite is out on a rampage. Also on and off I keep getting cravings for something sweet. I've started having these issues after my third trimester. Before that everything seemed to be in order, although cravings for something sweet were still there.
As for anxiety, i have breathing issues which feel as if i am being choked or suffocated at times. Due to all the many stress factors in my life (family life+job+baby+issues with my dad), i wouldnt rule out that i may have anxiety issues.

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dear pt
probably you did not use any supplements after delivery and during lactation period, which is very nessecory to do. these symptoms are indicative of having severe vitamin b complex, calcium and vit d deffeciency, u need to take good supplemental diet as milk, milk products, veges , fruits, eggs, meet, well as medicinal supplements. kindly see a good physician

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Aoa I suggest she be examined by a physician who can diagnose and treatment be started

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