Do i have infertility issue?

Asking For Self, Male 30, gujranwala

I am attaching my semen analysis report, can you please help me understand it? Thank you

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kindly repeat semen analysis from chugtai or shukat khanam lab..report was inadequate

Anonymous Can you please explain what do you mean by inadequate? I am planning to get it repeated btw from Shaukat Khanam. One thing i didn't mention in my original question was that the sample I provided for this analysis was provided after the abstinence of 20 days, do you think this long abstinence might be the reason for this "inadequate" report?

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Hi, It seems you have infertility problems. As there are no sperms at all in the semen report. Get ur hormones tests. FSH, LH , TESTOSTERONE , PROLACTIN. Thanks &

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