Vomiting In Pregnancy

I m 9 weeks pregnant..having too much hiccups that disturbs a lot suggest smthing to decrease it..also hv vomiting prob now...plz suggest some med....i came to know abt using Envepe 10mg..is it ok to use and any other alternate med if could not find it..also tell is it safe to vomit in standing posture means as i do it in sink bt feel pain in stmch n belly aftr that....plz guide its my first case

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Dr. Samina Khalid

I can not suggest any medical advice without a complete medical examination by me at my clinic.

Dr. Rashid Usman

MBBS (KEMU), MRCS (UK), MCEM (UK), FCPS (Pak), F Vasc Surg (UK) | Lahore

Tab envepe is ok. If not beter take
Tab Onset 10mg. Its safe. U can take it three times a day.

Dr. Shaheena Asif

Please see a general physician

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