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Asking for Father, Male, 50 years old, Mardan

Dear Sir, The patient is my father in law, the only supporter and earner of his family. He is suffering from hcv since many years. Last year he had completed Sovaldi course. But recently he was having pain. He is thinking that this pain is due to kidney but in ultrasound hi liver is unstructured may be liver cirrhoses..may be last stage. Then we went to his dr. in Peshawar name Dr. Muhammad Altaf. He advised some medicines that to should be taken forever. Dr. also advised not to use salt in any dish. He feels better comparitvely but pain is there sometimes. This pain is sometimes hurts sometime go. Kindly suggest what should I do because I am the only who know dealings with cure. Regards,

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Did he use simple pain killers like paracetamol

Anonymous No Sir. He afraid of taking medicines without his dr. advise

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dear pt kindly follow the advise of the concerned doctor, ask for your dr about the options about liver transplant too, take soft chilly free and fat free food, use of ispaghol husk is also usefull, kindly follow up your gastroenterologist for further management. --------------------------------------------

Anonymous Our Dr. Advised to meet: Dr. Najam Ul Hassan and Muhammad Salih in Islamabad for transplant

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Aoa your father needs full evaluation and examination by a competent physician and investigations before proper treatment. HCV infections in most cases can be cured

Anonymous Dear Sir, Thank you for your comments. Soon, we will go and meet Dr. Najam Ul Hassan Ex. Transplant Head in Alshifa International Hospital.

Anonymous Dear Dr. Sab, The pt has completed Sovalid (soposbuvir) course already. But the virus still exists and now the pt is suffering form Thrumbus in his liver.

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