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Im mother of 16 months old boy,my problem is I missed my periods this month I.e june,I had my kast periods on 17 may,I did an ultrasound on saturday but it shows nothing in there thn on 19 I got only spotting,little red sopt followed by brown sptos,aftr that whole say went clean n again today I have seen some brown spots over my penty apart from this I experienced one more thing that last night I nitoced milky secretion from both breasts,im really worried as this never happened to me bofore n my periods r always on timewith a cycle of 26 days,plz help me n.advice me wat should I do to start my periods,I took primolute N 2+2 n will continue taking for 5 days.

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Do a home pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant? Are you breast feeding your 16 months old boy? I think no because you mentioned being concerned for the milky discharge from the breast. A brown discharge or spotting can occur a few days before periods so you should have waited for a day or 2 before starting primolut N.
Now you will get your periods after you stop primolut N.
Get a serum prolactin (a blood test) on the 2nd day of your cycle. Sometimes a high prolactin can cause milky discharge from the breast and is also a reason for delayed periods.

Anonymous I did my beta hcg n its negstive,my concern is the milky discharge as it never happened before coz I didnt feed my boy since he born due to low supply n shagging of breasts,other think can u plz help me out in calculating my ovatution day?
Before this month I had a cycle of 26 days,can u plz guide me wn I ovaluate??

Dr. Asima Fazal For the milky discharge as I mentioned before get a seum prolactin test done. If you have regular cycles of 26 days your ovulation would be on cycle day 12 or 13. Count your first day of your periods as cycle day 1.

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Please do
Blood hcg
Pelvic ultrasound scan
Then see your gynaecologist

Anonymous I did beta hcg n its negitive.

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