4 Cm Fibroid In Cervix

M 32 unmarried. Known case of pcos. Diagnosed with a fibroid in my cervix. Doctor said no for surgery as fibroid is on ovary opening and surgery may lead removal of everything. My problem is heavy bleeding with clots and bleeding within periods. My CA125 CEA thyroid test everything is normal. M obese. Doctor asked me to reduce weight and no medicine is given to me even when my sugar bp levels are fluctuating. Kindly suggest me how can i deal with my fibroid and get rid of this bleeding

Dr. Asima Fazal

There are some treatment options available to temporary control heavy bleeding in patients with fibroids. As I am not allowed to prescribe online you should please discuss this with your doctor.
As for your sugar and BP if your gynecologist has not given any treatment you should see a general physician who will decide if you need any treatment to control your sugar and BP or just exercise and weight loss will help.


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Thanks a lot for the reply. M doctor said fibroid in cervix is not causing this bleeding thus i should forget it and it will be operated once i hv kids. It's actually pcos which is causing this bleeding and clotting. Is that so? I am concerned cz i dun want I should focus on ovaries n aftr that i come to know this is actually my fibroid

10 months ago

Dr. Shaheena Asif

MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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If bleeding continues to b heavy and hb is dropping you may need surgery

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