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9 yr old is suffering from seizure with out fever...his EEG report says he has problem in right last six month he has 3 episode all while he sleeps...his MRI is normal.what could be the reason then? Is it epilapsy? What to do now.plz help

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Post the EEG result here and we can guide you further. Also see a Pediatric Neurologist who will be able to assess the child for Epilepsy and may do some tests. The EEG should be able to tell us the type of Epilepsy and then the treatment can be started accordingly.

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Sadia Yasir


EEG report is attached.we consulted a neurologist.he suggested epival syp and folic acid

Dr. Laramie Morris Epival is fine
Please remember not to miss a dose.
Repeat the EEG after 6 months
This type of Seizure disorder usually settles within 2 years provided the child takes the mediation regularly.
Let me know what the child's weight is and exact what dose has been prescribed and how many times a day.

Sadia Yasir Epival syp 5ml twice a day..folic acid 1 tab daily. Weight is 29 kg

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